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Home Plumbing Hacks: DIY Drain Unclogging

We know that plumbing issues can be a real headache, especially in the middle of the night or on weekends when plumbing services are usually closed. But what if we told you that you could solve most plumbing problems yourself with just a few simple hacks? That's right, you don't need to be an expert in plumbing to fix most of the common issues you may encounter around your house. In this article, we'll share some home plumbing hacks that...

Why is My Toilet not Flushing Properly

Toilet not flushing problem can be messy, frustrating, and embarrassing. If you’ve been dealing with this issue, you may be wondering why it’s happening. The truth is that there are several different reasons why a toilet may stop flushing. Some clogged toilet issues you may be able to troubleshoot yourself but, working with a professional is the best way to ensure your toilet gets fixed without further damage. Meddling with the plumbing of your bathroom without the proper knowledge could worsen the...

Clogged Toilet Fix

Clogged Toilet Fix: This Is What You Need to Do clogged toilet Few sights strike fear into the hearts of homeowners more than watching the water level rise, rather than fall, when they flush the toilet. A recent survey found that 30% of Americans reported plumbing issues as the most frequent unignorable problem they experienced in their home. A toilet backup is definitely something that falls into the "unignorable" category. The good news is that a DIY clogged toilet fix is usually all...