Clogged Drains and Sewer Line Cleaning Camera
Clogged Drains and Sewer Line Cleaning Camera

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning and emergency drain cleaning plumbers are not a “one size fits all”.  The idea that any plumber is qualified and equipped to unclog your sink or toilet drain is a myth.  Drain cleaning or clogged drain pipes must be diagnosed using a skilled plumber who has the equipment, tools and knowledge in drain and sewer systems.  Often the source and cause of a drain problems or a toilet backup is far.  Many water drain backups are caused by a crack in a sewer main pipe located outdoors in the yard or under your home.  The best way to diagnose a drain problem prior to any repair or rooter service is to have a qualified plumber insert a drain camera into the drain line and locate the area and source of the backup or constricted drain flow.

Drain Hydrojetting (Sewer Drain Pipe Jetting)

Hydrojetting drain and sewer pipe cleaning process will unclog your drains and relieve your plumbing system from slow drain or backup.  Think of it as “pressure washing” the inside of your drain lines.  Choice Plumbing in Orlando uses a sewer pipe camera to asses the needs for a hydrojet cleaning process and provides the homeowner a before and after view of the inside of their sewer line.  There are many advantages to hydrojetting drain lines, here are some to consider:

  • Unclogging of the toughest blocks in your drain pipe.
  • Flushes all the solids and blockage.
  • Cleans the build-up and constrictions on the drain pipe walls.
  • Fast, Efficient and Cost Effective.
  • Environmentally friendly drain cleaning solution.

Drain Snaking (Plumber Snake)

The use of plumber snake with an auger tip has been around for years.  It comes in different forms, shapes, materials and lengths.  Although a plumber snake maybe a solution for sinks and toilets, it will still require a professional that understand how they work in order to be properly used.  A misuse of a plumber snake can cause damage to plumbing fixtures and even drain lines.  A professional plumber understands when to use a manual or powered drain snake with an auger tip that can unclog your drain without damage.  Large power plumber snakes are often inserted from the roof top vent or clean-out access in the homeowner’s yard working upstream until they reach the blockage.


A drain camera such as the one used by Choice Plumbing in Orlando will locate the source and area of the clogged drain and will provide the homeowner a visual of the problem prior to any recommended solutions. Our drain cleaning camera is used in all clogged drain cleaning including main sewer cleaning service.

Drain & Sewer Cleaning Services

We provide drain and sewer cleaning service to all plumbing fixtures located in your kitchen and bathroom. Emergency plumber is available 7 days a week.

Sink Drain Cleaning

kitchen sink drain clog

Drain cleaning and unclogging service provides comfort and functionality of your plumbing. Kitchen sink drains are often clogged from food and grease residue our service can find why your sink is not draining and where the block is in the drain or sewer line using the latest technology like sewer and pipe camera.  Bathroom sink drain is usually clogged because of  hair, soap scum buildup or debris which are stuck in the sink drain causing the water to drain slow or not at all.  Our professional plumbers are trained to inspect and provide the simplest and most affordable sink draining solutions.  Don’t stress call our emergency plumber service today for a quick and affordable drain cleaning service in Orlando.

Toilet Drain Cleaning

toilet clogged and not drain. Choice Plumbing toilet drain cleaning
toilet clogged and not draining - Choice Plumbing Orlando Rooter & Drain Cleaning

Toilet drain cleaning and unclogging is most important to your health.  Your toilet backup and overflow is considered a biohazard contaminate.  Choice Plumbing in Orlando has an emergency plumber for all your toilet backup and sewage overflow.  Their services even include sewage overflow recovery, decontamination and disinfecting solutions.  A rapid response will prevent the exposure to hazardous and infectious conditions. If your toilet or home is having a slow draining problem call a professional plumber near you immediately. Sometime the drain cleaning and unclogging require a sewer camera and cleaning.


“Treat a slow drain before your home is exposed to toilet or sewage contamination, its cheaper and healthier!” ~ Nick Shif, Owner\Operator of Choice Plumbing in Orlando.

Shower & Bathtub Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning and clogged drain lines

Shower and bathtub drains are often constricted with the combination of hair and residue of soap.  Unlike sink drains, showers and bathtubs do not provide access to the  p-trap drain often located in the floor.  If the blockage is in close proximity to the drain a plumber snake would be effective in unclogging the drain otherwise, the plumber must use a power snake from the main sewer drain access point outside the home.  Our shower and bathtub drain cleaning service is accompanied by an in-line drain camera which will pinpoint the location of the blockage and its distance from the access point.