Common Plumbing Terms You Should Know, Part 2

Common Plumbing Terms You Should Know, Part 2

Common Plumbing Terms You Should Know, Part 2


Plumbers have terms that they use quite frequently that can be difficult to decipher. It’s good to have a basic understanding of some of the common terms, so when you call and we ask you some questions about what is going on, you can better communicate to us your plumbing concern.

Choice Plumbing Orlando is your plumber of choice. We offer both residential and commercial plumbing services, including clogged toilets, leaky faucets, slab leak repair, backflow prevention, and grease trap cleaning. We are a 24/7 emergency plumber, and we don’t charge you extra when you have an emergency plumbing problem. We believe in providing the best customer service, no matter the time of day. Below, we’ll go over some more common plumbing terms. Contact us today for a free estimate!



A P-trap in plumbing refers to the shape of a plumbing pipe. This plumbing pipe is in the shape of a P and is installed underneath the sink and drains into the main drain pipe through the floor. The whole point of the P shape is to prevent malodorous odors from wafting up from sewer pipes by trapping water in the pipe. A S-pipe is very similar but instead an S-shape pipe siphons water out through the wall; whereas, a P-pipe exits through the floor.

Septic Field

Choice Plumbing in Orlando notes that a septic field is part of septic tank system where waste is filtered through a septic system and uses the layers in the earth’s crust to naturally filter out wastes. The wastes are pretreated as well in the septic tank before being discharged through the ground. A septic system is installed in a homeowner’s or a business owner’s yard and is its own waste treatment system. This is opposed to the city sewer system that uses a waste treatment plant instead.

Plumbing Service in Orlando
Plumbing Service in Orlando

Shutoff Valve

A shutoff valve is definitely a term that your Orlando plumber recommends that you should know. Like its name implies, a shutoff valve shuts off the flow of water in a pipe. Most appliances and major pipes in your home and business have shutoff valves. These are located at the base of your sink or toilet. Shut off valves can save you when a leak or a burst pipe happens. In fact, if you call your plumber in Orlando for emergency plumbing services and you inform us that you have a burst pipe, we will walk you through finding the shutoff valve first thing before we even set a time to come by!

Sump Pump

If you have a basement, most likely you have a sump pump. A sump pump’s only job is to pump out water from your basement in the event of a flood. Thus, most people don’t even realize that they probably have one if they have a basement or a low-lying home. For this very reason, when you partner with your plumber in Orlando, Choice Plumbing we’ll do a thorough plumbing inspection, including testing your sump pump to make sure it works. Sump pumps are usually installed in sump pits and function automatically when your basement or sump need to drain. We offer a sump pump service for residential and commercial applications.


Fixing pipes definitely takes skills that are developed over time. However, most plumbers who have been in business for a while can do this at least adequately. When choosing an Orlando plumber, you need to look for more than plumbing skills. Our customers are our family, and when you choose us as your Orlando plumber, you will be guaranteeing all of your plumbing needs will be taken care of.

Choice Plumbing in Orlando is a family-owned and operated business that is top reviewed and rated in Orlando.  The company is licensed, insured and certified.  Call them today for a free estimate!

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