FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions For A Plumbing Service

have a plumbing question? Below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Plumbing.  Use the search tool below to find topics and answers to your plumbing questions.
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Plumber With Customer
Plumber With Customer

Answers To Common Plumbing Service Questions

Answers to common plumbing service questions provided by Choice Plumbing Orlando.  Continue reading below or use the search tool to find answers to your questions.

No more worries about faulty plumbing estimates! Choice Plumbing Orlando will provide you with a free in-home estimate, so the final fix is accurate and to your satisfaction.

We do not provide repair pricing over the phone because plumbing problems can be tricky and impossible to diagnose via a phone call. That's why we provide free on-site estimates - so you're never paying for something based on assumption or false perception, but rather a professional diagnosis of what needs to be done (and at what cost)!

Choice Plumbing Orlando will be honored to provide you with a Free Estimate for any plumbing repair or installation needed.

YES! Choice Plumbing Orlando provides plumbing installation service even if you purchase your fixture, parts or plumbing supply elsewhere. We provide installation service for:

  • Water Heater
  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Garbage disposal
  • Faucet
  • Shower valves and shower head
  • Water Filtration System
  • All plumbing fixtures and appliances

We do not bill or provide billing invoices to your insurance company or any open claim you may have. We collect payment for repairs directly from the homeowner or property owner upon completion of work.

- We do not work with your insurance company directly.
- We do not bill insurance companies on your behalf.
- Homeowner is responsible for payment upon completion of service.

We do not sell any plumbing supplies or plumbing parts. If you would like to repair your plumbing problem yourself and require parts, please contact the manufacturer of the plumbing fixture for a list of supply stores which carry their OEM parts or recommended replacement.

You may also search here:
- Home Depot Plumbing: https://www.homedepot.com/b/Plumbing/N-5yc1vZbqew
- Lowe's: https://www.lowes.com/pl/Plumbing/4294935907?goToProdList=true
- Ace Hardware: https://www.acehardware.com/

Choice Plumbing Orlando provides sink installation service. We install kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks.

What We Do!
- Install sinks where the countertop doesn't require cutting or drilling for fixture
- Install plumbing for undermount sinks such as sink drain, garbage disposal and faucet water supply

What We Don't Do!
- Install undermount sinks
- Drill holes or cut granite countertops for sinks or sink faucets
- Prepare countertop for sink or plumbing fixture

NOTE: Always ask your granite provider to prepare the granite countertop for the undermount sink and faucet in which you select. Most granite countertop suppliers will also install the undermount sink for you, this is done using epoxy and special undermount clips.

We DO NOT provide any pool plumbing service, repair or maintenance. Swimming pool plumbing requires a swimming pool service provider who understand the related plumbing system, code and how to troubleshoot and repair it.

If you are having a problem with your swimming pool plumbing and require a repair technician, we recommend contacting your local pool store and asking for reliable recommendations.

What We Don't Do:
- Repair pool plumbing
- Repair or replace any pool plumbing parts
- Service pool heaters or pool water heating systems
- Repair pool leaks

We do not provide any septic tank or septic drain field services. However, if you need to have your main sewer-line cleared and cleaned because it is clogged, we will unclog your main sewer line and clear any drain problem you may have.

What We Do:
- Clean main sewer-line which drains to your septic tank
- Clear any clogged sewer pipe leading to your septic tank

What We Don't Do:
- Pump out septic tanks
- Replace septic drain field
- Install new septic tank
- Repair septic tank

Our plumbers DO NOT service any RV and Motor Coach plumbing. Choice Plumbing Orlando doesn't provide services to plumbing or water heating systems installed in RV or Motor Coach.

It is our advice that you seek the service of an RV and Motor Coach service shop such as Camping World, Lazydays Service Center or General RV Center.

Although Choice Plumbing Orlando is a licensed plumbing contractor in the State of Florida, we do not provide any New Construction Services.

We do not work with builder or remodeling contractors.

Choice Plumbing Orlando is primarily a plumbing service company specializing in plumbing repairs. Our plumbers are service technicians which can repair:

- Clogged Drain
- Water Heater
- Water Leaks and Broken Pipes
- Toilet Repair
- Faucet and Fixture Installation
- Water Heater installation
- General plumbing repairs both indoor and outdoor


We do not clean grease traps however, if your main drain line blocked due to grease build-up? Don't worry - our hydro-jetting service "jetting" can help get it running smoothly again! With this powerful technique, we flush away all the gunky scale and grease buildup that could lead to blockages.

YES! You can buy any water filtrations system or water treatment system and Choice Plumbing Orlando will install it for you. We can install water treatment systems inside your home or outside your home. Callus for more details about installation of water treatment systems or in-home water filtration systems.

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