This is Why Your Garbage Disposal Smells Rancid |

This is Why Your Garbage Disposal Smells Rancid

Admit it, sometimes your garbage disposal doesn’t smell like freshly picked roses. For the most part, this is an understandable part of life. After all, not everything you’re putting down your garbage disposal has a pleasant smell.

But if the problem at hand is starting to become a really big issue that’s noticeable throughout your entire kitchen or even in other parts of your home, then it might be time for you to consider hiring our team. We have the best plumbing in Casselberry, FL because we’re committed to our customers. We have over 10 years of experience serving homeowners in the Greater Orlando Area, so when you need quality service, you definitely need the assistance of our team.

What Makes Your Garbage Disposal Smell?

Be mindful of what you put down your garbage disposal. The wrong combination of items can really leave your disposal smelling foul.

  • FOG: If you’re unfamiliar with FOG, we’re here to clear a few things up. FOG is the worst thing you can put down your drain. The acronym stands for fat, grease, and oil. These substances are terrible for your plumbing system because they go down your drain as a liquid but then congeal and settle in as a solid after a short amount of time. The sludge-like substance that this turns into becomes the perfect medium to create a clog. When things get backed up in your garbage disposal, you might notice a stench in your home.
  • Egg Shells: Egg shells are something that should never go down your garbage disposal. There’s a lot of misinformation spread about eggshells and garbage disposals—many people think that the shards will help sharpen the blades of your disposal system. This is untrue. In fact, egg shells are really hard to break down and tend to get stuck on the sides of your garbage disposal more often than not.
  • Peels: There’s really no type of peel that you should put down your garbage disposal. Fibrous materials like celery, onion peels, or corn husks fray and become a big problem to the blades in your garbage disposal system. If they don’t get caught on the blades, then they’ll definitely get caught along the sides of your garbage disposal where they’ll decompose and cause a stench.

If You’re Already in Too Deep

If you’re experiencing the stench of a poorly maintained garbage disposal system, make sure that you contact our team sooner than later. Don’t beat yourself up about it. A lot of homeowners fall into this category of not realizing there’s a problem until it’s way too late.

Don’t try to DIY away your problem either. If you’re concerned with pricing, we’ll make sure to provide you with the best prices in the area. We can make sure that you have the service you need to clean your garbage disposal and the right information so that you can avoid this problem reoccurring in the future.

If you’re looking for a team to make sure your plumbing is up and running well all year round don’t look past our team at Choice Plumbing. We’re the experts! Contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

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